Refund and Exchange Policy

All sales are final. Due to the delicacy and unique nature of the artwork sold on, Nolie is unable to offer refunds or exchanges for purchases. It simply would offer too many opportunities for items to be damaged in transit if packed incorrectly. All items are sold “as-is”, and packaged with care to withstand shipping and handling. In the event that your artwork is damaged in shipping, please contact Nolie at to discuss the situation and provide photographs of the extent of the issue. In some situations, items can be repaired, or reworked to minimize any appearance of damage and contain structural instability. In other situations, it may be possible for Nolie to seek to reproduce the original work, although it will not be exactly the same, due to the nature of the processes used to create each work of art. Nolie will endeavor to meet customer needs with a minimum of additional expenses to repair work damaged in shipping, however, most consumer commercial shippers (UPS, Fed Ex, etc.) do not offer insurance for art shipments, so Nolie Marie Wilson is not responsible for damage that happens to artwork once it has been contracted to ship to buyer, and tracking information submitted to buyer for further follow-up. Specialty art carriers can provide a guarantee of safe delivery; in the event that you prefer to contract a commercial carrier to transport your art, please tell Nolie Marie Wilson at the time of commisioning or ordering your art. When you request a specialty transport or rush order, you will be responsible for all additional shipping and handling costs. However, regardless of shipping service chosen, Nolie Marie Wilson endeavors to answer any questions about potential repairs, including pieces cracking, or melting in transit. Nolie can not be held responsible for pieces damaged due to improper use, however. It is the buyer’s responsibility to familiarize themselves with the unique traits of the artwork they are buying, and whether it has aspects of weakness inherent in the material that determine limitations on display or use that must be honored to avoid the possibility of incurring damage.

Each work of art is handmade, using idiosyncratic processes with a degree of variance in the finished product; it is not possible to ensure that multiple pieces are exactly alike, and minor differences in appearance even across similarly designed items are part of their character. Please keep this in mind when deciding what artwork you would like to purchase or commission, since even if you are requesting something almost identical to an existing work, there will still be differences between your finished piece and the original item being reproduced. It is your responsibility to thoroughly review all communications regarding your purchase, including the product page for ready-to-ship pieces, to ensure that you have a thorough understanding of the piece you are purchasing, including placement of drainage holes or hanging wires, any flaws in construction, or restrictions on usage that come with the medium used to create it.

Monitors have unique variances in calibration and color display that may affect the appearance of images. All reasonable precautions have been taken to ensure that there are ample photographs and video of each piece of artwork in Nolie Marie Wilson’s catalog for buyers to make an informed decision about the color, detail, and condition of the piece. Nolie aims to photograph pieces in a variety of light qualities, and settings, to provide as much variance as possible, to assist you in determining whether the lighting or decoration in your intended area of display is as you want it, to reduce the likelihood of returns. Please contact Nolie PRIOR to purchase if you have additional questions, or wish to see additional images, before making your purchase decision, to further reduce the likelihood of purchasing a work of art that ends up being a poor fit in your home. Every effort will be made to ensure you are happy with your artwork.

Thank you for visiting, and thank you for allowing Nolie to make your home just as beautiful and magical as you are!

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