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Nolie fell into resin art while expanding on alcohol ink and acrylic painting techniques, and seeking to increase the durability of their psanky eggs. When the resin is mixed properly, resin art is durable, suited to a wide variety of uses and techniques, and allowing for a large degree of customization. Nolie had determined that many forms of sculpting ceramics were out of reach, as Nolie’s physical disabilities had progressed to the point where the physicality of the work was no longer possible; the physical effort involved in hefting huge blocks of clay, pushing clay despite its resistance while throwing a pot, working around a hot kiln, would be incompatible for disabilities in which lifting too much weight causes dislocated joints–or even the handwork needed to push the clay past its resistance and tensile strength. And working around a kiln for many techniques would be difficult, when being subjected to heat causes deterioration such as nausea episodes, dizziness, weakness. Nolie’s relationship with their art has been defined on every level by their body’s changing capabilities–and resin has provided an excellent match for their skills, allowing them to handle only light amounts of weight, endure less exposure to heat, and retain some ability to sculpt and embellish basic pieces, before building further intricate embellishments into the technique such as sealing paintings between the resin.

Nolie specializes in multidimensional resin block paintings, Judaica, accessibility aids such as custom organizer covers to match their custom organizer inserts, or book page openers, and art designed to provide a sense of joy and life and fullness for queer people, suitable for Pride, display in the home, or gifting. It is Nolie’s hope that the themes in their work will help to build a sense of community in these groups where there has often been a sense of isolation.

Please note that resin art requires special care. For more information on the care and versatility of resin art, visit our Resin Art FAQ.

Nolie also takes custom resin art commissions, including block paintings. Please visit their Custom Ordering FAQ for more information about that process. To view only the resin art pieces currently available for purchase, and currently ready to ship, visit the store.

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