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Drop-pull Hamza Tzedakah Box in Blue & Gold


Tzedek, one of the most crucial concepts ih Jewish practice, has always been a central element in many Jewish families.

For those seeking a decorative Tzedakah box to introduce their youngest members to the conept of returning resources to the community, this display piece is a gorgeous addition to the home. Fashioned in ceramic, with drop-pulled wax elements modeled off pysanky designs, adapted in blue, gold, and yellow, to feature the Evil Eye, twelve stars for the Tribes of Israel, and stunning detail, this meticulously fashioned and imperfectly precise Tzedakah box brings together the finest in Hungarian Traditional designwork and Jewish design, as only Nolie Marie Wilson can. Designed featuring the colors of the Ukrainian flag, in honor of the resilient Ukrainian people continuing to fight for their national identity, a battle older than many non-immigrant Americans can comprehend, this piece was also designed as a way of giving back, too; Nolie Marie WIlson is continuing the work of Pysanky for Peace, and their Ukrainian Doves of Peace Pysanka, on display through Pysanky for Peace, by donating a portion of the proceeds from the sale of pieces themed off Ukrainian symbols to groups supporting humanitarian causes so long as the war against Ukraine is ongoing. June 1st-8th, in honor of the Bisexual Resource Council’s Maker’s Market, the organization chosen will specifically be providing support to the Ukrainian Jewish  community via Project Kesher.


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