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Mask Up Wedding Pysanka- Natural Fawn


Other available colorways and panel options for the Wedding Pysanka:

Fruit Variation Etched White Eggshell

Fruit Variation Etched Brown Eggshell

Kudzu Climbing Etched White Eggshell

Kudzu Climbing Etched Brown Eggshell

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Those who found their wedding rescheduled due to the Covid-19 Pandemic may wish to commemorate the uniqueness of their stories with their own Mask Up egg covered in themes appropriate for the joining of two families. These details are painstakingly expressed in designs emblematic of the kinds of details seen at weddings: dense lace and embroidery, lushly arranged bouquets, draped ruching, and statement textural elements. For those who prefer minimalism, looks akin to embossed paper, or the natural tones of the eggshell itself, these details are their own kind of focal point. But for other families, the simple colorworking of the Compass Key egg, or the solid-color versions dyed as a nod to other themes–blue, for the “somethng blue” recommended in Western lore, red for Hindi brides, etc. may provide a more eyecatching way of highlighting the complexity of textures created in this unique series of pysanka. It’s the perfect way to celebrate welcoming new members to your family, and the uniting of traditions, and additions to your family history.

Several colorways and design options are available for wedding pysanky, so be sure to review all available options to ensure that you have chosen the eggshell that you will be most happy with. This is the shortcut to buy the acid-etched, earth-toned version, with details that emerge in shades of fawn and taupe, dependant on the natural shade of the shell, as it etches. The drain hole can be placed on top, or on bottom, to allow for choice of display in a cloche/hanging display, or on a stand/on a tabletop. Perfect for outdoorsy couples, rustic weddings, as well as for couples who wish to showcase the natural beauty of the shell, as a complement to discussing other issues of identity, community, and heritage, this option holds a multitude of meanings perfect for sharing on the happy day.

Acid-etching is a design manufacturing technique used to inscribe a pattern into an object, through the use of a strong acid. The acid is used to burn or discolor areas of the object, such as fading the knees of jeans, to create interesting patterns, patinas, or fades. On eggshells, it is used to strategically destroy the natural composition of the shell, and/or remove pigmentation, so that you can hold an egg that has become an art object of texture, with ridges, satiny,  buttery interactions with the light, and subtle uses of the shell’s sturdy chemical composition and calcium deposits. It truly, is using science to create a kind of art that speaks to the resilience and rebirth that can come from pain. Isn’t that, too, a part of many family’s love stories, or heritage?

Whatever the happy family’s story, we hope that this pysanka will be a natural augmentation to their special celebration, and the joint life that follows. Mazel tov!


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