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Pattern: Ukrainian Doves of Peace Pysanka


Make your own Ukrainian Doves of Peace Pysanka today, and support front-line humanitarian efforts in Ukraine, in the process!

Nolie Marie Wilson’s stunning Ukrainian Doves of Peace Pysanka was seen on several national and international media outlets as part of the Pysanky for Peace Project’s traveling exhibit. But what many people don’t know is that Nolie has shared the pattern with fellow pysanky writers fundraising for Ukraine. You can download this pattern now, for non-Commercial use, for $9.99, the majority of your proceeds going to RAZOM, an organization supporting Ukrainian efforts to withstand human rights violations and survive the front lines of Russian violence. Every sale made of this pattern contributes to the wellbeing of the Ukrainian nation–as does every viewing of the shell itself, through in-person exhibitions such as the Wenham Museum, in Massachusetts.



Featuring circling doves of peace, and the colors of the Ukrainian flag, this striking, motion-filled shell mimics the look of a traditional pole-to-pole swirl, but allows for the mathematical precision of placement for the birds, and an accessible, freeehand approach to detail sure to delight even the most hesitant sketcher. Suitable for Intermediate artists, this pattern will delight you, encourage you to think about the use of negative space in your pysanky and develop advanced special awareness skills to bear on your other designs, and hone your eye for composition as an artist, especially if you are unused to geometric or traditional designs. With the fluidity of Art Nouveau’s approach to classical sacred geometry and mathematical art such as tessellations, and the modern linework sure to delight any contemporary viewer, this pattern is sure to be a unique addition to your reportoire, commemorating a moment when we, as pysanky writers, came together to stand up for the land that gave us the art that we partake in not just as an act of love, but as an act of duty, resistance, protest, and hope.

Stunningly illustrated with a plethora of photographs, illustrations, and written instructions, and beautifully formatted to be as accessible as possible, taking advantage of the ability to use accessibility features such as large text, text to speech, dark mode, and other modifications that can assist disabled students in learning where fast-paced video tutorials fail, this tutorial is sure to have your thumbs itching to bring kistka to flame. While you wait for Nolie Marie Wilson’s full-length pattern books to become available, why not support Ukrainian humanitarian efforts, their front line efforts defending the entire world from Russian aggression, and give this showstopper a try?

Slava Ukraini!


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