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The Lunar Codex in the News

Now that we are closer to a viable launch window for the upcomign NASA & SpaceX launch for the Peregrine, which will have microfiche of my family’s creative endeavors, let’s check out some of the chatter!

Samuel Peralta, the creator and curator of the Lunar Codex has offered an excellent roundup of links on the official Lunar Codex website. I suggest checking it out if you want the full text of the press showcasing this expansive and historic endeavor.

Samuel Peralta has done an incredible job curating a collection of tens of thousands of earthling artists from 150+ countries, and every continent. It includes creations from the first women and nonbinary or trans artists to be archived on the moon, as well. I consider myself proud to be participating in breaking those barriers, not just because of my own nonbinary gender, but because I was raised by a futurist, which has influenced my own devotion to history and technology. While my dad may not identify as a Judeofuturist like me–last I heard he was quite happily Lutheran, thank-you-very-much–his devotion to science fiction and fantasy was a throughline of my childhood.

The Lunar Codex has been covered in a plethora of publications and news programs all across the world, from The New York TImes, to Le Figaro, the oldest newspaper in France. Being able to participate in a discussion of this scale is mind-boggling, considered the continuation of the Covid 19 Pandemic (Yes, continuation, don’t @ me.) and its impacts on my own life. As much as many artists would hurt at the idea of never being able to see where their art ends up, not a covid-safe exhibition in sight, there is also beauty to me in that we are all equal in this endeavor. Regardless of our backgrounds and accessibility needs, all of the creators with work included are able to share the same experience of watching breathlessly.

For more information on The Lunar Codex, Samuel Peralta has provided an excellent informational resource in the Lunar Codex’s website. I have no doubt he will have information there on any press seeking to interview him or discuss the project further. On my end, all press inquiries can be submitted over email. But most importantly, thank you for sharing this colossal endeavor with us.


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