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Large Surprise Me! Art/Home Decor Bundles


Want a housewarming gift for a loved one, or to help make your adult child’s space their own when they move off to college? Want to cultivate feeling of luxurious self-care that comes from a love of the unique art in your home? Not sure where to start?

These decor starter packs are the perfect gift for graduates, weddings, housewarmings, and many other occasions–just name the color palette you want from the listed options, if need be, include a comment with your order with any specific hobbies, art styles, or  personal wishes. Based on what you have chosen, Nolie Marie Wilson will create the items you’ve selected, sending you one-of-a-kind bespoke art, chosen to match and pair well together.

For the large “Surprise Me” pack, you can pick three item types out of six choices, including traditional art such as batik-method pysanky, or acrylic painting, or decor pieces, such as painted decorative bowls, Judaica, etc. The perfect way to instantly give a room personality, and establish a color palette and aesthetic to build around, this pack is a great value for the art or decor-lover in your life.

Please note that all sales are final–if you wish to make detailed specifications for a custom piece, Nolie is available for custom art commissions. However, the “surprise” packs are intended to be more freeflowing and allow for a grab bag/gift bag of coordinating art pieces for a variety of tastes.  Perfect for those just decorating a new home or office, or starting their art collections. Item types to choose from include ready-to-hang Wall Art, Pysanky (A stand will be included with your ornament), Judaica, and Kitchenwares (Painted serving dishes, and the like). Bonus goodies such as painted bookmarks, notebook covers, and such round out the bundle.

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