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Starfish in Current Pysanka/Pysanky Eggshell


Bring the magic of the ocean to your home with this charming pysanka.

Vivid aquas, turquises, and blues draw the abstract shapes out of this pysanka in layers. Handmade, with gilt accents and stunning depth, this pysanka is perfect for year-round display. This beachy, soothing ornament will brighten any room it is placed in.

As an avid aquatic  enthusiast, Nolie Marie WIlson has always loved the biodiversity of marine life, visiting aquariums, and caring for their own tanks when they were physically well enough. That love has made fishes a recurring theme in their work–from the Finding Nemo-inspired eggs in their personal collection, to eggs dyed to pay homage to the adaptability and breadth of marine life. With the patterns on this egg building up the shapes of starfish, both five-limbed, and slightly asymmetrical, in the process of regenerating limbs, the shifting shapes remind us that healing is possible, and we are all in varying states of healing, ourselves.

This one-of-a-kind piece of batik art is available to ship immediately.

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