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Evil Eye Tzedakah Box in Blue/Purple/Fuchsia


Tzedek, one of the most crucial concepts io Jewish practice, has always been a central element in many Jewish families.

For those seeking a decorative Tzedakah box to introduce their youngest members to the concept of returning resources to the community, this display piece is a gorgeous addition to the home. Fashioned in ceramic, with drop-pulled wax elements modeled off pysanky designs, adapted in blue, purple, and magenta, this bold, chaotic bank reminds us of the unexpected in the world, and in ourselves–in our capacity to give, to create, and to protect.

The tzedakah box itself is fashioned in ceramic, with a foam plug that can be re-stuck after use, or sealed with the addition of adhesive once the adhesive wears thin. The top has a thin slot to push money though, and its small size allows for it to be filled and refilled easily. The entire thing is approximately 5 or 6 inches tall, and a few inches deep. The inks have been sealed with varnish, to allow for more frequent handling, unlike some other finishing techniques that are better suited to display only, rather than practical use for the family. What better way to teach your loved ones about what it feels like to return the gifts one receives to the community, in solidarity?

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