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Drop-pull Hamza Tzedakah Box in Rose and Magenta


Tzedek, one of the most crucial concepts ih Jewish practice, has always been a central element in many Jewish families.

For those seeking a decorative Tzedakah box to introduce their youngest members to the conept of returning resources to the community, this display piece is a gorgeous addition to the home. Fashioned in ceramic, with drop-pulled wax elements modeled off pysanky designs, adapted in shades of rose, and a hand-waxed repeating pattern, both abstract and fluid, this meticulously fashioned and imperfectly perfect Tzedakah box brings together traditional folk art and a striking, minimalist aesthetic. Suitable better for display than a child’s room, due to the fragility of drop-pulled wax, which can be peeled off with effort, this piece is perfect for reminding kids with your own habits, while encouraging them to utilize a more accessibly placed, and built, resin tzedakah box, or similarly resilient material.

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