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Flower Child Pysanky


The Flower Child Pysanky features a luxurious nude rendered in batik, suggested in details and impressions, shadows and highlights, like a figure drawing class come to life.

Bring this effervescent being home, and take in the cheerful confidence, and bold detail. A unique work of art to treasure, the Flower Child is sure to charm any  impressionist or modern art enthusiast n your life. Remember the bold designs of the midcentury art deco movement, blended with the attention to detail via layer masks and negative space popularized after the creation of Photoshop. An amalgamation of the best of “Hippie Design”, this shell will call to every free spirit, art show fly, and lover of the arts who visits your home to take in her striking shading and unusual detail.


(This item page is to purchase ONLY the Far Left Side pysanky, with the implied nude hidden by bold flowers, rather than the two to the right. These other pysanky are available separately for purchase.)

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