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Bang Bang Pysanky


The Bang Bang Pysanky features a stunning portrait rendered in batik, bright-eyed and churning with mystery.

Bring this femme fatale into your home today, and take in their majestic details for yourself, from the sparkle in their eye to the makeup adorning their lips. They flirt in three dimensions, with a wraparound design sure to entice. A unique work of art to treasure, the Bang Bang is sure to charm any black and white film enthusiast, pysanky lover, or fashionista in your life. Bring Bang Bang home, and fall in love.


(This item page is to purchase the center pysanky, with the portrait of the face, rather than either of the side pysanky with the full length figures, in the first product image. Those pysanky are available separately for purchase. In the additional product images, all other pysanky are not yet available for purchase. For inquiries, email

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