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Learn Pysanky/Batik Egg Decoration from Nolie via. Zoom!


Want to learn to create beautiful batik eggshells?

Nolie Wilson is the teacher you’ve  been waiting for, gifted in a variety of styles of batik eggshell art, and experienced in teaching both individually, and in groups, from their time as a music theory tutor, private piano instructor, private art/craft instructor, and bespoke artist-for-hire.

Don’t miss your chance to learn how to make these unique gifts for friends and family, to pass to kids as a family tradition, or as a medium of meditation and artistic expression, from an artist whose work has been seen in everywhere from NBC, CBS, the Boston Globe, NPR, and museum exhibitions.


Skilled at translating difficult concepts to common language, and relaying cross-specialty analogies, to help discover a way of teaching by engaging with your existing areas of interest, Nolie is the perfect teacher for helping both beginner students, or more advanced ones who wish help troubleshooting a specific pattern. Topics Nolie specializes in include: chicken eggshell pysanky, both dyed and undyed, hollow eggshell pysanky, adapting common pysanky production methods if you are sick/disabled, and having difficulty working due to symptoms (Not a substitution for medical advice; but Nolie can suggest non-medical workarounds for some impairments, such as hand tremors, repetitive stress injuries, headaches, from their own experience.)

If you do not wish to work with traditional, public domain patterns, your workshop will include support troubleshooting the pattern you wish to work on, if you already have one, or will include Nolie providing access to some of their own designs, via access to their draft pysanky pattern book, to learn with Nolie. Please note any materials distributed during the class are not to be reditributed; the license granted is only for personal educational use.

Be sure to select the length of workshop that fits your needs and budget best; pysanky can be addicting, and can be time-consuming, and with Nolie’s medical condition, Nolie advises scheduling multi-day sessions, even a two-day block, to give yourself time to practice, refresh your memory, and allow time for learning and improvement. But if you wish, you can obtain a package of scheduled lessons. Or you can seek one long day of workshop- though for this option, scheduling delays may be longer, as it is more difficult to block out a larger block of time at once. All workshops are priced for 1-3 students. For larger workshops, which require additional prep, please indicate the number of additional students, to allow for an additional fee of $20 per student, to account for the additional time required to prepare additional teaching materials. Student is responsible for obtaining all supplies (Nolie will provide a list, based on what the student is interested in learning, and needs) unless otherwise discussed; Nolie is happy to do purchasing for participants, via gift option shipping but if this is desired, the person setting it up needs to notify Nolie, so that Nolie can price out what the group needs, and invoice accordingly, and get materials ordered, and sent to anyone attending, with ample time for them to arrive and be organized or otherwise prepared for use. View the scheduling options to determine if you prefer 4 or 8 hour workshops; if you wish a mix of the two, include a note with your purchase, so we can discuss it when we discuss schedule. If desired, longer workshops can include a break for lunch. Nolie is happy to provide a Q&A lecture while participants are eating, if it is desirable to keep it to 8 hours and not break the time up. Further details will be discussed in the material sent after purchase.

For any further details or questions about what workshop package will best fit your needs, please email The pysanka pictured in the images here are samples of the patterns Nolie Wilson has designed that they are happy to teach, although hardly an exhaustive list. It includes a number of pieces from  Nolie’s early work, designs suitable for many experience and ability levels. For a look at Nolie’s full portfolio of work, be sure to explore the rest of the website.

Duration/Quantity of Workshop(s)

1 day (8 hours), 2 days (4 hours apiece), 3 days (4 hours apiece), 4 hours (4 hours apiece)

Number of Participants

1-3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

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